How to Improve Business Building Security


Whether they serve as a warehouse, an office, or a place to sell products and attend customers, buildings are often the most valuable asset of a company. Protecting a building means protecting your business. That’s why, to secure properties, their owners should focus on prevention rather than reaction. It means there are many things that can be done to protect a building from various threats before they actually happen. As a matter of fact, a lot of risks can be almost eliminated if you adequately address them.

If you want to be sure that you’ve done everything you could to protect your building, take a look at these few points you should consider.

Protecting a building means protecting your business

Assess the risk

Every operation needs a plan. It’s the same when it comes to securing a building. Before doing something, it’s worth determining risks and weaknesses. Think about why you want to protect the place and what are the most valuable products or services to be found there. Next, focus on possible threads and weak spots of the building. This way, you’ll be able to appropriately equip the building and adapt safety procedures to specificities of your company.

Adaptation of the building

Just by preparing the building and its surroundings properly, you can already accomplish a lot. In the context of the physical security of the building, you should consider two perspectives: outer and inner parameters.


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Outer parameter security refers to the surroundings of your building. If it’s possible to restrict the area of the company’s premises, do it. Consider a fence or a barrier. It limits entry points and makes it easier to control them. Clearly mark the paths around the building. The light is another critical factor. Take care of proper lighting so that the cameras could register what’s happening outside your company at any time of the day or night. It’s also helpful for employees – they feel more confident and safe.

Apply similar measures when it comes to inner parameter security. All doors should have the possibility to lock them, and you should restrict the entrance to private areas. Use signs to guide people when they move around the building. It should be clear for everybody how to enter and exit the building.

Security cameras

Installing surveillance cameras is a very common way of securing a building. It requires investment at the beginning, but it definitely pays off later. Even very experienced security guards are not able to watch every little corner of the building all the time. Security cameras help them observe the building and its surroundings and control the whole property from one place. Thus, their reaction to any issue is much quicker.

Security cameras are useful not only for guards. They also create a sense of security among people working in or visiting the building. They feel more comfortable, no matter what happens. Every event is registered with the camera, which makes it easier to investigate them. Cameras also work as deterrents.

However, it’s crucial to install the cameras in the right places to extend their coverage as much as possible. Only then, they fulfill their function.

Access regulation and control

Establish specific rules determining who can enter the building and how to control it. The most effective strategy is to combine two methods – identity cards and security guard services.

security guards coronovarius procedure
security guards coronovarius procedure

You can install an electronic access control system that requires a special identification card to enter the building. In such a case, every employee needs a special badge to enter the building. The ID card contains his or her name and the name of their position. It’s recommended to include a photo as well, as it significantly decreases the risk of unauthorized persons being able to trick the system. A beneficial feature of ID cards is that an employer can assign different levels of access to different employees depending on their position in the company. It means some people can receive access to the whole building while others only to some part of it. It’s also possible to grant access for a limited time, which enables business owners to receive guests or clients onsite without additional risk.

In case you’re not able to install an electronic access control system, make sure to manage the key distribution process well. You should keep records of who and when has the key to every lock in the building. It helps resolve possible security breaches.

As effective as access control automation is, the security guard services are invaluable for this process. A professional security guard significantly reinforces safety measures. He’s always alert, observes what’s going on, and can easily detect any threat or violation of rules.


Last, but not least is the awareness among people spending time at the property, especially employees. It’s very important to provide them with proper training, familiarize them with possible threads, and inform them about appropriate procedures to follow in case of emergency. Employees form an essential line of defense for every business, and their contribution shouldn’t be underestimated.

The best way to include them in the process is to provide them with regular trainings with regards to company policies, best practices, and possible violations of rules. Such trainings should be obligatory, especially for new employees and managers.

Security cameras create a sense of security among people working in or visiting the building


By protecting your building, you protect yourself, your business, your employees, and your clients. These few safety measures are not that difficult to implement and can help you avoid a lot of stress and save some money. Remember that prevention is the most effective way of improving the security of your building.

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