The vision of Titan Security Global is to ensure maximum safety to our customers. We strive to minimise the risk of robbery and terrorists attacks by constant development of our services and utmost care of every detail connected with it.

Developing the company we continue to work towards the following goals:

  • to become a leader in the World security sector,
  • to remain competent by introducing modern solutions adjusted to the individual needs and special requirements of our Clients,
  • to balance the Client's budget sensibly by continual reduction of the administration and logistics costs,
  • to provide the highest quality by employing state of the art technology, implementing high labour standards and international security standards.

In Titan Global Security , the Client always comes first. Focusing on delivering the most reliable safety systems and raising the quality of our services, we have developed strategy which aims at improving efficiency of our services. To achieve that we provide:

  • Contract implementation schedule;
  • Uniforms and equipment for the security staff;
  • Safety audits;
  • Trainings on:
  • fire protection,
  • first aid,
  • terrorist threats,
  • Persons and Property Protection Act (according to the Polish law),
  • others.
  • Reporting system;
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI);
  • Security system organisation;
  • Implementation of National Safety Standards.