Titan Alarm Response Security.

Titan provide Alarm Response services at the highest level. We deliver industry leading security programs in all sectors owing to our use of cutting edge technologies and experienced staff.

For over ten years we have provided services in all sectors including Retail, Corporate, Residential, Warehouses, Construction, and more.

Our wide range of services are tailored for the maximum efficacy to your personal requirements..

Services we provide include:

  • Key holding duties
  • Out of hours callouts
  • On site and Remote Monitoring
  • Single or Multiple premises
  • Short and Long-term contracts

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    Alarm Response Services we offer.

    Titan offers a wide range of Alarm Response Services to protect your interests.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Key holding and alarm response services ensure access control and security in an emergency.

    • Rapid emergency response
    • Out of hours access control
    • Around the clock protection

    Our key holding services enable easy access to your premises outside of business hours to protect your interests 24/7/365.


    Mobile Patrols

    To maintain the safety and security of a wider area we can deploy mobile patrols.

    • Monitor Patrol patterns with real-time reporting
    • Adjust routes and respond to changes as they occur locally
    • Remote Monitoring from our control room

    Mobile Patrols ensure a rapid response is always available to deal with any emergency situations as it arises.

    Onsite and Remote Monitoring

    Our CCTV monitoring ensures visibility of all access points and key areas that need to be protected.

    • Monitoring from an onsite unit or mobile patrol
    • Remote monitoring from our control room
    • Rapid communication between monitoring stations to ground response teams
    • Suitable for single or multiple locations

    Our surveillance team ensure key holders and response teams and alert them to possible situations as they occur.

    Single or Multi Premises

    We deploy guards to a single premises or multiple locations as part of a larger security programme.

    Door Supervisors across multiple premises provides benefits.

    • Cost effective solution for maximum protection
    • Communication between teams
    • Consistent methodology at all locations

    Our teams work together across multiple locations. This means they can share information about offenders, distraction techniques, and high risk threats. This ensures that all your business locations have round the clock protection without the need for multiple agencies.

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    Sectors we cover

    Titan have experience delivering Alarm Response services to all areas of industry


    We provide a range of alarm response services to the retail sector for companies looking to prevent profit loss and damage. Protect your retail outlets and warehouses from risks such as fire emergencies, break-ins, and theft with alarm response services by Titan.


    Protect your offices outside of business hours with alarm installation and alarm response solutions. Including body-heat sensors and motion detectors our alarm solutions can trigger a response from titan mobile teams and guards, or contact authorities automatically.

    Residential Property

    We provide private premises alarm response solutions for all kinds of property. From vacant properties, to private homes and farms. 24/7 365 private premise security solutions are available to provide you with total peace of mind.


    Protect your property, staff, and assets with warehouse alarm response. Visible alarm systems act as a deterrent to criminals, and when activated can instigate a rapid response from our ground teams and local authorities. Warehouses are often vulnerable out of hours and house large quantities of valuable goods, making their protection a top priority.

    Mobile Patrols

    Mobile patrols are a highly effective security solution that remains poised at all times. Mobile patrols respond to emergencies and alarm triggering events across a wide area. From there they are able to deal with these incidents early and to great effect owing to their proximity and rapid response time.


    With perimeter alarms systems and mobile response teams we are able to prevent asset loss and trespassing at construction sites. This helps to improve security and safety throughout the construction process to workers, and the public.

    Why choose Titan Alarm Response Services?

    Titan is a complete security management agency. This means we provide all necessary security solutions to you without need for additional personnel or agencies.

    We take care of everything from the initial quotation and risk assessment, to the full day to day operation of your security program. Our in-house analysts carefully identify likely security threats and design a strategy to efficiently mitigate the maximum possible level of risk.

    For Alarm Response services that you can depend on, look no further than Titan. We provide Alarm Response services in all sectors including Retail, Corporate, Residential, Warehouse, Construction, and more. Our experience and training ensure your assets are protected to the maximum extent at all times.

    About Titan Security Services

    Protecting your private or business interests requires professionalism and experience, which Titan provides. Titan ensures the highest level of protection with our fully licensed and highly trained security guards.

    Titan has over 20 years experience in providing Alarm Response services. We combine understanding and training with vast experience to deliver an effective security solution.

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