Our activity includes protection of persons and property; design, installation and maintenance of alarm systems, as well as radio monitoring combined with interventions of emergency patrols.
Concentrating solely on the protection of persons and property significantly affects our professionalism and improves the quality of our services. The protection of people and property is not only our profession, but also a way of life and a passion.
Our management team consists of top-notch professionals with many years of experience in the leading security companies in Europe, Asia, Australia and America. This experience allows us to effectively perform tasks related to the provision of security services. We closely cooperate with many specialists from the fields related to the security industry such as antiterrorism, law, crime detection, shooting and intervention techniques.

A simplified organizational structure and the fact that we work in small, specialized and competent teams improves our efficiency and facilitates decision making. It gives us a distinct advantage over our competitors with a traditional organizational structure.
Our motto is mobility. That is why we operate all over the world.
We constantly and closely cooperate with the local police to prevent crime and delinquency.