Titan Event Security

Titan are experienced providers of a wide range of security services at all kinds of event. We have covered private events, corporate events, festivals, live events, red carpet, and product launch events. We are experts in complete management solutions from setup, guest security and post event security.

Services we provide include:

  • Risk Assessment and emergency planning
  • Access Control and admissions
  • VIP and guest Security
  • Crowd Control
  • Asset Security

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    Event Security Services we offer

    Titan offers a wide range of Event Security Services to protect your interests

    Risk Assessment

    We conduct risk assessments as part of our initial planning to determine potential dangers. We consider everything including emergency evacuation routes, fire risks, and crowd management. We understand that it is crucial for your guests to feel welcome and safe, so as to enjoy your event without worry. We take all necessary steps to ensure any potential dangers are mitigated.

    Access Control and Admissions

    Our security personnel are trained to ensure everybody at your event is safe. We are able to operate digital ticket scanning systems, or work from guest lists depending on the event. We work to uphold the specific safety requirements of the venue or particular event. This could include preventing prohibited items, vigilance of suspicious behaviour, or bag searches. Our access control guards are a deterrent to crime, and are on hand to deal with any emergency situation.

    CCTV Monitoring

    We are able to monitor all areas of your venue in real time. This allows us to be everywhere at once and poised to respond to potential security threats quickly. CCTV monitoring ensures total visibility of all access points and key areas that need to be protected. A teams focus is maintained by alternating between monitoring, patrolling and other security duties.

    Crowd Control

    Our Security personnel plan and coordinate all aspects of crowd control. From coordination of entry and exit, emergency evacuation plans, to prohibiting contraband. Maintaining control over a large crowd requires knowledge and experience, which we provide. Titan ensures the maximum possible safety for all attending, working, or performing at your event.


    Asset Protection

    Product launches and similar events pose unique risks. Which is why our teams are on hand to help during event set up and take down to ensure your assets are protected. From demo products, to high tech equipment, our personnel are on hand to protect you from the unscrupulous. We provide planning and monitoring advice at all stages to ensure security risks are mitigated.

    VIP and Guest Security

    It is the top priority of our teams to ensure the safety of all your guests at all times. We plan with care to be prepared to respond quickly to any type of incident. We can provide close VIP security for your special guests if required. We monitor all access points to your event, and provide regular patrols and clear communications. This means we respond effectively in dynamic situations or in the event of any emergency.

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    Events we cover

    Titan have experience managing security at all types of events

    Festival Security

    We have experience in providing security teams to festivals throughout Europe, and Globally. From door supervisors, manned guards, to mobile patrols for festivals where security teams large and small are required. We also provide guards who are experienced in Personal Protection Services for VIP’s and performing artists.

    Product Launch Event

    We provide event security services for product launches to ensure your launch goes off without a hitch. We provide close protection for VIP’s, venue security guards, door supervisors and event risk planning. Our guards ensure protection of your assets and intellectual property in off-limits areas at your venue.

    Private Event Security

    We provide comprehensive security solutions for your private event. From managing access, personal protection for your guests, and risks assessments and emergency planning. We provide total coverage of your premises to ensure asset and personal protection. We can deploy uniformed and non-uniformed security personnel for both discrete and overt security.

    Live Event Security

    We cover all aspects of live event security for both indoor and outdoor live events. This includes door supervision, crowd management, VIP protection, site set up, take down and real time monitoring. We also can provide manned guards, mobile patrols and close protection services.

    Red Carpet Event Security

    Our red carpet security teams will be suitably dressed and will provide maximum security for your event. This includes VIP protection and crowd control, to ensure protection for your guests and the public.

    Why choose Titan Event Security Services?

    At Titan we take care of everything. We carry out risk assessments to determine potential dangers, and will plan for all eventualities. Including emergency evacuation routes, fire risks, crowd management, and guest admissions.

    We understand that it is crucial for your guests to feel welcome and safe, so as to enjoy your event without worry. Titan guards will be on hand to welcome and assist in any way possible. They will go above and beyond to make sure your event is a smash hit.

    If you are looking for a reliable partner to help you keep things under control, look no further than Titan. We cover all events, whether it’s a concert, a corporate fundraiser, or just a big family reunion. We have the experience and training necessary to ensure everybody feels safe, relaxed, and enjoys themselves.

    About Titan Event Security

    When considering the security for your event, experience and reliability are key. Titan will ensure that your event goers will be kept safe, and treated with respect. Our highly trained and licensed professionals make sure everything runs smoothly and your big event goes off without a hitch.

    Titan has over 20 years of experience in event security. This means we understand that each event is unique and requires a considered approach. Careful planning means everybody will feel safe and relaxed. This includes the smooth admission of guests and meticulous analysis and mitigation of risk.

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