Titan Residential Security Services

Titan Residential security solutions are designed to protect your property, assets, and residents from harassment and criminal activity. Theft, vandalism, and other criminal activity are preventable problems when prescribed the relevant service.

Our range of services are suitable for all types of residences, including private residences, apartment buildings, and vacant property.

We are experienced providers of comprehensive residential Security Solutions which cover a wide range of services.

Services we provide include:

  • Alarm Response
  • Manned Guarding
  • Access control and Concierge
  • Canine units
  • Personal Protection
  • Onsite or Remote Monitoring

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    Residential Security Services we offer.

    Titan offers a wide range of Residential Security Services to protect your interests.

    Alarm Response

    Key holding and alarm response services ensure access control and security in an emergency.

    • Rapid emergency response
    • Out of hours access control
    • Around the clock protection

    Our key holding services enable easy access to your property at all hours to protect your interests 24/7/365.


    Manned Guarding

    Manned guarding provides a visible security a presence and an effective deterrent to crime.

    • Visible Deterrent
    • Fastest possible response time
    • Peace of mind to residents

    Our security guards are well trained and experienced to protect your property and residents effectively in all scenarios.

    Onsite and Remote Monitoring

    Our CCTV monitoring ensures visibility of all access points and key areas that need to be protected.

    • Monitoring from an onsite unit or mobile patrol
    • Control hub remote monitoring
    • Rapid communication between monitoring stations to ground response teams
    • Suitable for single or multiple locations

    Our surveillance team ensure key holders and response teams and alert them to possible situations as they occur.

    Canine Units

    We have the capability to include dog handlers on patrol routes providing potent deterrent to crime.

    • Extremely effective deterrent to intruders
    • Greater sensory response than human guards

    Would-be intruders think twice where canine units are active. They are an effective preventative measure for crime, and overall secure influence like no other.

    Personal Protection Security

    Titan has provided professional personal protection around the world. Our guards offer high level protection to celebrities, artists, politicians, and executives. We cover all bases from

    • Secure executive transport
    • Body guarding
    • Risk assessment

    We offer flexible contracts to work on short and long term bases, temporary, and permanent.

    Single or Multi Premises

    We deploy guards to a single premises or multiple locations as part of a larger security programme.

    • Cost effective solution for maximum protection
    • Communication between teams directly or via control hub
    • Single agency solution across all locations

    Our teams work together across multiple locations. This ensures every location has round the clock protection without the need for multiple agencies.

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    Sectors we cover

    Titan have experience delivering Residential Security services to all areas of industry

    Apartment Buildings and Concierge

    Our security personnel are trained to operate a range of front of house systems, monitor CCTV, as well as ensure the protection of your property and its residents.

    • Manned check-in desk
    • CCTV monitoring
    • Security guarding
    • Emergency Response

    Guards may not be necessary at your premises 24/7. In this case we can work with you to identify times when they are most necessary, and can remain on standby with rapid alarm response and callout services.

    Vacant Residences

    Protect your vacant property from criminal activity with one of our many vacant residence security services.

    • Manned Guarding and mobile patrols
    • Installation of security and CCTV systems
    • Alarm response services
    • Perimeter fencing and gate installation

    Titan vacant property security is designed to protect from break-ins, property damage, vandalism, and squatters at all times.

    Private Residence

    Titan Residential security services are discreet, yet highly effective at deterring crime at your private residence.

    • Access control and manned gates
    • CCTV monitoring on and off site
    • Alarm Response units and mobile patrols
    • Personal protection and chauffeuring

    Ensure the highest level of protection for the interests closest to you with Titan Private Residence security.

    Why choose Titan Residential Security Services?

    When you choose Titan for your security requirements, you choose a complete solution. We handle everything through the primary risk assessment, to the day to day operations, and everything in between.

    We analyse your situation to determine probable security threats. We then implement a strategy which will efficiently mitigate those risks at the best value to you.

    Our Residential security team are reliable and dependable, and work to protect your interests 24/7. We provide protection to private residences, large apartment buildings, vacant property, and more. Our experience and training ensure your assets are protected to the maximum extent at all times.

    About Titan Residential Security Services

    Protecting your private or business interests requires professionalism and experience, which Titan provides. Titan ensures the highest level of protection with our fully licensed and highly trained security guards.

    Titan has over 20 years experience in providing Residential Security services. We combine understanding and training with vast experience to deliver an effective security solution.

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