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    Professional Security Services Worldwide

    Titan Security Global has been a world-leading security company for over 10 years. We provide top of the line professional security guards to events, residential properties, hotels and businesses in more than 20 countries.

    Our team of highly professional and experienced security guards provide state of the art security services to our clients in a wide range of industries. We offer tailored security solutions security plans that are both flexible and competitively priced to meet each client’s specific needs, ensuring that they receive the best possible service and protection.

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    Discuss Your Security Needs With Us

    Do you have a security issue that you would like to discuss? Simply fill out the contact form or alternatively contact us here and speak with one of our security specialists.

    Tell us your security concerns and we will develop a security plan according to your budget. We specialize in developing flexible security solutions depending on your needs. We have successfully worked with both large corporations as well as private individuals who simply want to protect their vacant properties or retail stores.

    Review The Security Plan

    Because we want to ensure that our customers’ needs are met, the second step of completing the security plan is sending it back for approval. The customer has final say on what they need and how much everything costs in order to fit their budget.

    We Do The Rest

    Once the security plan has been agreed upon, we do the rest. We will quickly and swiftly set up the required security system to keep you and your belongings safe and secure 24/7.

    Where Do We Operate?

    In just the last 10 years, we have successfully operated in more than 20 locations including the following: Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Israel, Kuwait, Japan, The United States, The United Arab Emirates and throughout North and South America.

    What Makes Titan Security Different?

    Are you looking for a security company with global experience and the expertise to provide guards who meet the specific regulatory requirements of your country? Look no further than Titan Security Global.

    Our team of professionals has over 10 years’ experience working in a variety of countries, so we know how to provide the best possible security solution for your needs.

    All our security guards are fully qualified and licensed to work in the country they are assigned to, ensuring that you can have peace of mind knowing your property and assets are in safe hands 24/7.

    Flexible Security Plans

    Every business is different and security needs can vary greatly from one company or individual to the next. That’s why we offer a range of services that can be customized to precisely meet your needs.

    Our account specialists will work with you to assess your security requirements and develop a plan that fits both your budget and your requirements.

    Our security managers will be there to help implement the security plan, making sure that everything runs smoothly throughout. With Titan Security Global, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible protection at a price that’s right for you.

    Professionally Trained Security Guards

    At Titan Security Global, we pride ourselves on providing professional and highly trained security guards. We operate in a number of countries around the world, and we make sure that all our security guards meet the required qualifications of the country they are operating in, including being proficient in the native language.

    This means that our guards are up to date with the latest security measures and are able to provide an effective security service at all times.

    Our commitment to training and professional development ensures that we are able to provide a high quality security service to our clients regardless of where they are located. If you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy security company, with the most reliable guards, Titan Security is the perfect choice.

    Titan Security Benefits

    Professional Services

    With over 10 years of experience in the industry we have developed a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy. All our clients can expect nothing less than excellence from Titan Security Global.

    Budget Friendly

    We offer competitive rates for all our services, including manned security guards, door supervisors, mobile patrols, bodyguard VIP protection, event security, alarm response and more.

    24/7 Security

    We provide the best and most qualified security guards and security services available day and night, 365 days a year.

    Global Outreach

    We are a global security provider and have successfully operated in more than 20 countries.

    Specialised Global Security Services

    When you partner with Titan Security, you can be confident that you’re getting only the very
    best in security solutions. We offer the following security services worldwide:

    • Manned Guarding
    • Events & VIP Protection
    • Security Alarm Response
    • Hotel Security & Concierge Services
    • Mobile Patrols
    • Retail Store Protection

    High Class Security Agency

    If you are looking for reliable, high-quality security services, you need look no further than Titan Security Global. We have a team of highly trained professionals with years of experience in the industry, and we are committed to providing security solutions that keep you safe 24/7.

    Whether you need protection from intrusion or from other security risks such as vandalism, our team is fully equipped to handle any challenge.

    Our services are available throughout many countries, so no matter where you are located, we have the skills and know-how to help keep you secure.

    If you want peace of mind when it comes to your safety and security, trust Titan Security today.