Titan Construction Security

Titan Security Global offers market leading security services in all areas of construction. Including Residential, Commercial, and Civil construction projects in the public and private sector.

Site security services we offer include:

  • Site Risk Assessments
  • Gates and Access Control
  • Perimeter Fencing and Security Cabins
  • Site security guards
  • Key Holding and Alarm Response
  • Mobile Patrols
  • CCTV installation and remote monitoring

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    Construction Security Services we offer

    Titan offers a wide range of Construction Security Services to protect your interests

    Risk Assessment

    Our security risk assessors are fully qualified to examine your building site and establish risk profiles. We then plan the security services that are best suited to mitigating the identified risks. Our construction site security risk assessments highlight the most serious threats to your site. These are threats such as theft, vandalism, and other potential liabilities and safety concerns. We implement solutions to give you peace of mind that your interests are protected 24/7.

    Remote Monitoring

    Remote monitoring is a cost-effective strategy for keeping a watchful eye on your property. Remote monitoring crews operate CCTV to ensure your premises is consistently protected day and night. We can create and post signage to warn would-be thieves and trespassers. With remote monitoring any mobile teams in the area can react quickly to deal with incidents as they emerge.

    Mobile Patrols

    To maintain the safety and security of a wider area we can deploy mobile patrols. They are able to provide coverage of a to a number of construction sites without individual teams. Patrol patterns with real-time reporting allow us to track patrol efficiency. We can also adjust routes, and respond to changes as they occur locally, or from our control room.

    Access Control

    Our security personnel are trained to ensure Site safety requirements are always met at the gate. This includes checking ID’s from staff and suppliers, and that PPE requirements are upheld at all times. Access control guards are a deterrent to crime, and are also on hand to deal with emergency situations.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Ensure that your sites have access control and security measures in the event of an emergency. Our rapid response services spring into action at a moments notice when alarms trigger, day or night. Our key holders can grant access outside of business hours to allow emergency services on site when needed.

    Manned Guarding

    Our guards provide a visibly strong manned presence and are able to deter thieves and vandals before they enter. Our staff are experienced in dealing with potential risks with urgency and professionalism. They are also trained to monitor CCTV systems and record any incidents on your site as evidence.

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    Why do you need Construction Security?

    It is estimated that crime on construction sites costs the industry billions of dollars a year around the world.

    Theft, vandalism, and damage on construction sites can cause huge set backs to projects of any scale. Risks include the theft of raw materials such as copper, to equipment damage, or theft of machinery. These incidents may affect scheduling, in turn causing delays, and ultimately cost money to rectify.

    Why choose Titan Construction Security Services?

    We don’t just offer security solutions for your site, we offer peace of mind. Our security solutions allow you to rest assured that your construction site is protected. We protect from any type of threat, no matter the nature of your project Titan has a solution for you.

    We assist loss prevention on your sites by deploying solutions such as mobile patrols, and manned guards. These help reduce losses from theft, vandalism and arson which cost the industry millions every year. Crime prevention measures ensure the smooth running of your sites staying on track, and keeping your project on schedule.

    In construction site safety is always the top priority. Our security guards and remote monitoring ensure that your sites are not interfered with. This reduces liability and the likelihood for potential injury to your team through the unforeseen.

    About Titan Construction Security

    Titan security solutions have been trusted for over 10 years by all levels of contractor. From local contractors to multinationals, in both the private and civil sector.

    It is said that the best cure is prevention. Titan offers site security to prevent these incidents from occurring on your site. We are able to provide a number of measures to help physically secure any site. Including access control, gates and fencing, and anti-climb palisades. We also offer more technical solutions such as CCTV installation, alarm systems, and motion triggered lighting.

    We tailor our services to the needs of your site no matter what phase your project is currently at. From initial groundworks to turnkey handover we have solutions to protect your site, equipment, and property.

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