Professional Security Guards in India

Over the ten years of operating in India Titan have worked in all areas of industry. We have experience providing services to businesses big and small. From manned guarding in retail outlets, to end-to-end transport security of high value cargo.

Our flexible services provide the highest level of security within any budget. Our dedicated team consists of risk assessors, security planning managers and security analysts. They are able to determine which combination of services is most beneficial to you. We will then create and execute our strategy within your timeframe. Leaving you to rest safe in the knowledge that your interests are receiving the maximum possible protection.

We tailor our services to suit you, depending on your requirements. This means we offer both short and long term contracts, or permanent recruitment solutions.

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    What We Specialize In

    Titan Security Global specializes in a wide range of security services. Read more about just some of the services we can offer you below.

    Transport Security

    Security hazards and vulnerabilities often arise when transporting goods or persons. We offer a thorough end-to-end service for VIP or high value cargo protection. Including risk analysis, route planning, en route escorting, and anti-hijacking instruction. You can count on Titan to provide the greatest degree of protection in any circumstance when you choose us.

    CCTV Monitoring and Installation

    Our experts are available to install cutting edge systems at your premises. We place them at key areas around your location for full coverage. Our installation teams will provide a fast and hassle-free installation. Including full take down of old equipment, and a complete set up of new systems. If your system goes down we provide replacement and repairs within 24 hours. This ensures your premises security is operational at all times.

    Alarm Response

    Titan Alarm Response is a powerful solution that is dependable and cost effective. Response teams react to call-outs rapidly, prepared for all situations. When an alarm is triggered, our response team will be dispatched to that location with urgency. They can then prescribe an effective course of action to protect your assets no matter the situation.

    Mobile Patrols and multi site security

    Mobile Patrols are versatile, extremely effective, and cost-efficient. They cover a large area of land and are already on the move, responding to emergencies rapidly. Our teams ensure a visual security presence to deter criminal activity at all times. When incidents and emergency situations are unfolding, every second counts. Our mobile patrols remain poised in the optimal position to react, neutralising any potential threat.

    Construction Security

    We cover all aspects of Construction security over the entire duration of your project. Beginning by carrying out risk assessments to determine the services most beneficial to you. Services include 24/7 site security, mobile patrols, access control, and alarm response. We ensure the best possible protection and safety of your assets, construction workers, and reputation.

    Residential Security

    Our fully licensed males and females are trained to operate with discretion, integrity, and honesty. We are able to offer 24/7 on-site security and a wide range of services at your residence. Including with access control, CCTV monitoring and alarm response, perimeter patrols, and more.

    Why choose Titan Security Global?

    Over ten years of delivering security programmes in India has given us a wealth of diverse experience. We are able to provide a wide range of services that are specifically suited to you, no matter your area of industry or location. We tailor our services to provide solutions within your budget and timeframe. Our team of analysts and risk assessors plan your services carefully. Delivering solutions which are as efficient, without compromise.

    We constantly look to develop our personnel, technology, and processes. We invest in training our staff and equipping them with the tools to deliver first class solutions. All of our personnel are certified, expertly trained, and equipped with the most recent technology. Our services are dependable and also flexible to your needs, talk to one of our advisors today to see what we can do for you.

    Titan holds itself to the best standards in the industry. Our top priority is always providing the greatest service and outcomes for you.

    Get in touch with us today using the contact form above. Talk to us about your security requirements and receive a a free no obligation quote.