Professional Security Guards in Indonesia

Our team of trained security staff are fully licensed and certified for nationwide deployment. Our programmes are a complete package of security services suitable for our business and personal customers. This includes manned security, personal protection, video surveillance and mobile patrol.

Titans loyal customer base of businesses and individuals has entrusted us with the protection of their interests for over a decade. We have worked hard to earn that trust and have worked tirelessly to protect our customers. Our clients include organisations of all sizes from local to international, all of which receive services tailored to their specific needs.

When you choose Titan as your security provider, you can rest assured that you are protected by a team of experts who truly care about your best interests.

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    What We Specialize In

    Titan Security Global specializes in a wide range of security services. Read more about just some of the services we can offer you below.

    Personal Protection Security

    Titan has provided professional personal protection around the world. Our guards offer high level protection to celebrities, artists, politicians, and executives. We cover all bases from secure executive transport, body guarding, and risk assessment. We offer flexible contracts to work on short and long term bases, temporary, and permanent.

    CCTV Installation and Monitoring

    We use modern camera systems and place them at key areas around your store for full coverage. Our expert team provides fast and hassle-free installation. Including uninstalling old equipment, and complete set up of new systems. We also provide replacement and repairs if required in 24 hours. We ensure your store security is operational at all times.

    Event Management

    Careful Event managements is critical in ensuring your event goes off without a hitch. We plan, coordinate, and manage your event to ensure it is as smooth and as safe as possible. We account for every eventuality. From evacuation route planning, crowd management, to simple door supervision, and everything in between.

    Residential Security

    Our Residential Security professionals are experienced in delivering the highest level security with discretion, integrity, and honesty. Our services include 24/7 on-site security with access control, CCTV monitoring and alarm response, perimeter patrols, and more. Titan security personnel are always prepared to keep your residence secure.

    Hotel Security

    Titan hotel security provides customer service as well as a touch of class and security. The comfort and safety of all staff and guests is assured at all times. Our guards are welcoming, and are trained to act with discretion and professionalism. We also train our personnel to operate front of house systems. So you always have someone on hand to help, in any situation.

    Multi site security

    Titan services are suitable for the protection of a single or multiple premises. This means you can secure a large site or several with one programme. We can offer multi site services such as remote monitoring, mobile patrols, and dog units. Titan ensure all of your locations have round the clock protection. Our services work efficiently, without the need for multiple security teams or agencies.

    Why choose Titan Security Global?

    We are experts at providing calculated, high impact solutions. Because of our analytical approach we are extremely flexible in our service. This means we can deliver a range, of affordable solutions in any location. Allowing you to rest safe in the knowledge that your assets are protected.

    Our approach is based entirely around you. Which is why we guarantee we will put your safety first, at all times. We deliver the best security and effectiveness in all sectors in which we work.

    • Fully Certified and Licensed security guard
    • Complete range of security services available
    • Fast, reliable and efficient services
    • Budget friendly and flexible
    • More than 10 years of experience

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