Professional and Licensed South Africa Security Guards

Titan Security is an elite provider of global security solutions. We have established our position as an industry leader over 20 years through our reliability, dependability, and flexibility to the needs of each of our customers. We offer a complete range of services suitable to all sectors on short and long term bases, according to your requirement.

We ensure that you receive the highest level of protection possible at all times. Titan customers around the world trust us in the protection of their assets in both public and private sectors and in all areas of industry.

Everyone at Titan takes pride in what they do. From the operators in our central control hub, to our security risk analysts, to ground teams deployed around the world. When you choose Titan as your security provider you can rest safe in the knowledge that you are protected by a team of professionals with your interests at heart.

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    What We Specialize In

    Titan Security Global specializes in a wide range of security services. Read more about just some of the services we can offer you below.

    Construction Security

    We cover all aspects of Construction security over the entire duration of your project. Beginning by carrying out risk assessments to determine the services most beneficial to you. Services include 24/7 site security, mobile patrols, access control, and alarm response. We ensure the best possible protection and safety of your assets, construction workers, and reputation.

    Transport Security

    Transportation is a process which can induce risk, beit en route or after delivery. We deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service for all types of transport. Whether its VIP or high value cargo security. From risk assessment and route planning, to en-route escorting and anti-hijack training. When you choose Titan you can rely on us for the highest level of protection in any situation.

    Residential Security

    Our Residential teams are trained to the highest standards to work with discretion, integrity, and honesty. We are able to offer male or female guards who offer a wide range of services at your residence. Including 24/7 on-site security, access control, CCTV monitoring, alarm response, and perimeter patrols.

    Event Management

    To ensure the smooth running of your event you must work with the right partner who will account for every detail. With over 10 years of experience, we have covered every type of event possible. From red carpet events, political conferences, to Glastonbury Festival, and more. Our event management and planning is as comprehensive as possible for maximum security. We plan for all eventualities. Titan Security Global is there to ensure your event goes off without any hiccups.

    Retail Security

    Shoplifting and vandalism are preventable threats that affect all varieties of retailer around the world. Our trained professionals don’t just protect your property, merchandise, and staff. They act as a first point of contact to welcome customers when they enter your store. Our in-store security guard services include CCTV installation, manned guarding, and alarm response.

    Alarm Response

    Titan Alarm Response teams are available 24/7 and ready to be deployed at a moments notice. Alarm systems and response are a powerful solution that is dependable and cost effective. Our response team will react to call-outs rapidly and prepared for any situation. In the event of an alarm being triggered, our response team will be dispatched to that location. They will then act with urgency, ready to protect your assets no matter the situation.

    Why choose Titan Security Global?

    Among our loyal customers are local, national, and international businesses as well as private individuals. We have security services which are suitable for your unique requirements, no matter what industry you are in. We operate nationwide in all provinces, and ready to protect your interests wherever needed.

    Only the highest standards are enough for us, which is why we aim to provide the best possible security to all of our customers. Our approach is how we achieve the maximum security possible, and why we are trusted by hundreds of customers across South Africa for reliable, flexible solutions.

    • Fully Certified and Licensed security guard
    • Complete range of security services available
    • Fast, reliable and efficient services
    • Budget friendly and flexible
    • More than 10 years of experience

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