Titan Security Mobile Patrol Services

At Titan we offer a full range of mobile patrol services. Our flexible services are tailored to your requirements. Whether for a single location or across multiple locations.

Our services include:

  • Risk Assessments
  • Guard Dog Security
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Multiple Premises
  • Real Patrol Monitoring
  • Alarm Response

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    Mobile Patrol Services we offer

    Titan offers a wide range of Mobile Patrol Services to protect your interests

    Risk Assessment

    The first step of our process is for us to deploy one of our analysts to your location. They will conduct risk assessments to determine any possible security vulnerabilities. This includes optimal patrol routes, and potential access points that require action or a need to be monitored.

    Remote Monitoring

    We use top of line security tracking technology to monitor, track, and record patrol routes. This allows to make ad hoc changes to security routes to react to any situation. Remote monitoring can prevent predictability, as well as monitor staff and response times.

    Single or Multiple Premises

    Titan mobile patrols are suitable for the protection of a single or multiple premises. This means you can secure a large site or several with one programme. Titan ensure all of your locations have round the clock protection. Our services work efficiently, without the need for multiple security teams or agencies.


    Guard Dog Security

    We have the capability to include dog handlers on patrol routes providing potent deterrent to crime. Our Mobile patrols with canine units are effective flexible, and adaptable. Would-be criminals will think twice when they learn of dog units on site. They are an effective preventative measure for crime, and overall secure influence like no other.

    Manned Guarding

    Our guards provide a visible deterrent and are able to prevent theft and trespass. Our personnel are trained to operate CCTV systems in order to monitor every inch of your premises. We monitor likely access points, allowing for the quickest possible reaction to any possible incident.

    Key Holding and Alarm Response

    Ensure that your premises have access control and security measures in the event of an emergency. Our rapid response services spring into action at a moments notice when alarms trigger, day or night. Our key holders can grant access outside of business hours to allow emergency services on site when needed.

    Need Mobile Patrol Security for your Premises?

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    Why do you need Mobile Patrol Services?

    When protecting your interests is a top priority engaging the most suitable service to do so is key. Mobile Patrols are versatile, extremely effective, and cost-efficient. They cover a large area of land and are already on the move, responding to emergencies rapidly.

    Mobile patrol teams ensure a visual security presence to deter criminal activity at all times. When incidents and emergency situations are unfolding, every second counts. Our mobile patrols remain poised in the optimal position to react, neutralising any potential threat.

    Benefits of Mobile Patrols include:

    • Visual security presence will deter crime.
    • On the premises ready and prepared to prevent criminal activity, and handle any emergencies.
    • They create a sense of security and peace of mind for you and your employees.

    Why choose Titan Mobile Patrol Services?

    Our Mobile Patrols are an effective solution ensuring safety and security for your interests. Capabilities include Multi-Site patrols, Guard Dogs, and real time remote patrol monitoring. We are flexible and available for deployment on short, and long term contracts.

    Titan mobile patrol operatives are all experienced, and trained professionals. We stay at our best by continuing to invest in our personnel, equipment and infrastructure every year. This is how we are able to deliver high level security around the world.

    About Titan Security Mobile Patrol Services

    Titan protect the interests of companies and private individuals globally. Our dedicated mobile patrol teams offer comprehensive around the clock protection. Including night security, alarm response, and multiple premises security. Our services are proven to reduce the risks of trespass, vandalism, and criminal activity.

    Titan has been trusted for over 10 years around the globe to deliver high level mobile patrol security. We have a loyal and diverse range of clients on a local, national, and international scale around the world.

    Our dedicated mobile patrol teams include our in-house analysts with real time remote monitoring. This ensures the ground teams are always working with maximum efficiency, 24/7 to protect your interests from crime.

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